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Electrical inspections to keep you and your home safe

Electrical equipment is something we can take for granted, however, faulty or damaged electrics can be a serious hazard. In the UK approximately 43,000 fires are believed to be caused by faulty electrics or incorrect equipment being used each year. At 1st Call Electrical (UK) Ltd we provide Electrical Installation Condition Reports, previously referred to as a Periodic Inspection Report or PIR. Periodic Inspection Reports are completed quickly and efficiently, and more importantly give you peace of mind.

What is covered in the report?

How often do I need a report?

When 1st Call Electrical (UK) Ltd carry out an electrical inspection report for you we will provide you with a detailed report informing you of the results found on your consumer unit (fuse box), electrical sockets and light fittings.

1st Call Electrical (UK) Ltd would recommend that inspections are carried out on private dwellings every 10 years, however, properties that have tenants should be inspected every 5 years or when a new tenant moves into the property.


It is vitally important to remember that the older the property or the wiring in the property is, then an inspection would become more important.

Keeping you safe

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